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Investment in an affiliate company

2015.12.22 No. 803
Corporate Disclosure to Korea Exchange

Disclosure title   :    Investment in an affiliate company

1. Counterparty: IGE USA Investments

2. Investment Detail
            A. Date of Investment: January 5th 2016
            B. Investment Target: Hyundai Capital Common 3,178,738 Shares
            C. Investment Amount: About 96,000 million Korean Won
            D. Total Paid-in Capital in Hyundai Capital: 596,325 million Korean Won

3. Purpose of Investment: Increase in equity investment

4. Resolution date of Board of Directors: December 22, 2015
            A. Attendance of outside Directors: 5
            B. Attendance of Auditors: Yes

5. Others
A.    If the counterparty fails to find 3rd party buyer for the rest of 20% equity in Hyundai Capital, the counterparty may exercise the put option. Therefore, there is a possibility for a further investment in Hyundai Capital.
B. The above contents may be subject to change depending on procedures of investment or related legislations.

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