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New Entry in Growing Mini-MPV Market from Hyundai Motor Company

2001.04.20 No. 70
arket of Lavita - Matrix in export markets - Hyundai Motor Company has further broadened its range with its first entry into the competitive and rapidly expanding mini-MPV sector. The one-and-a-half box shaped Lavita/Matrix is based on the company`s successful Avante/Elantra platform and provides a flexible yet spacious package for the growing number of young individuals and families with active life-styles who want more from their car than traditional transport. Depending on the market Lavita/Matrix will be available with one of three engines. The well-established 1.6 liter four cylinder 100ps(76kw) alpha engine provides the base-level entry followed by the 1.8 liter four cylinder beta engine that produces 123ps(90.2kw), and later in the year a new four cylinder 1.5 liter turbo-intercooler common rail diesel unit will be made available in some export markets. Add extra sales The new Lavita/Matrix will help Hyundai add extra sales in both domestic and export markets - further helping the company to grow from its record world-wide last year of just over 1.5 million units. In a full year HMC is expecting sales of 40,000 units on the Korean market and 60,000 units in export markets emphasizing that Lavita/Matrix has been developed with the demands of overseas customers in mind. The new car has been designed with flexibility as a priority and consequently its interior can be easily and quickly adapted to suit a variety of family, individual or cargo uses despite its compact external dimensions. Practicality of a minivan Designers endowed Lavita/matrix with the practicality of a minivan - allowing the vehicle to carry large loads with the rear seats folded away - yet also provided owners with good space for passengers and a host of comfort features. In the growing mini-MPV sector Lavita/Matrix can compete in terms of interior and luggage space with all the major European and Japanese contenders plus some unique features such as reclining and sliding rear seats. The strength of the design comes from the collaboration between HMC`s Namyang design operation, its Frankfurt R&D center and the well-respected Italian design house of Pininfarina. First center console The Lavita/Matrix features HMC`s first centrally mounted console, grouping the main instruments in a binnacle on the dashboard and away from the driver`s direct line of vision, yet quickly and easily read when required. Below the driver`s straight-ahead view is an array of warning lights that can quickly alert the driver to any problems. The front and center console for transmission and other switch-gear also gives the Lavita/Matrix a walk-through capability for passengers - depending on market demands - although a mid-seat console is also available. For ease of driving the Lavita/Matrix is available with a choice of either a re-designed and engineered five-speed manual transmission that provides easier shifting yet improved response and feel or a four speed automatic equipped with fuzzy logic to learn and reflect the driving demands of the owner. On the move driver and passengers will appreciate the ride and handling on Lavita/Matrix thanks to its front McPherson strut and rear dual-link suspension. Along with all the detailed enhancements to engines, transmissions and insulation the vehicle achieves remarkably low levels of noise, vibration and harshness ensuring the driver is less likely to become fatigued and so able to concentrate on driving. High safety standards However, Hyundai Motor`s engineers have not left the safety of Lavita/Matrix occupants solely to the driver. Crash safety starts with a strong body structure developed after considerable analysis and computer simulation of all kinds of accidents. Improved rigidity and reinforcement reduces crash intrusion and energy dissipating and re-directing structures are implemented in the vehicle`s basic structural construction. Seatbelt pre-tensioners and load limiters for all outboard passengers coupled with de-powered front airbags helps Lavita/Matrix achieve a four-star rating in the Euro NCAP testing procedure. Optional seat-mounted side airbags are available. Lengthy equipment list As Hyundai customers will expect, Lavita/Matrix comes with a lengthy list of standard convenience features and according to market demands that can be added to from the option list. Whether it is air conditioning, power outlets, cup-holders or storage trays, Lavita/Matrix has or can have them all and there are several Hyundai "firsts" including hidden storage compartments. Lavita/Matrix is ready to play a central part in its owners` life-styles and to help them get the most from whatever they are doing on the move - business or pleasure - without intruding and demanding center-stage. Lavita/Matrix is enjoyable to drive but is intended to complement the driver and passengers - an increasingly important element in the demands of people around the world. With its sharp and geometric styling, its range of power-plants and its compact yet spacious packaging Lavita/Matrix will fit perfectly into even more people`s lives. Neither a saloon nor a mini-van it combines the best of both and brings traditional Hyundai value, quality and ever-improving technology to potential owners often excluded from such new market segments by other brands. Lavita/Matrix also emphasizes Hyundai Motor Company`s determination to be a full-range world-wide player in the automotive market and its rapid development from concept to launch shows that HMC is ready to compete with the global leaders in every segment.
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