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Investors News

New Facility Investment

2007.09.04 No. 510
1.Object of Investment : Construction of Engine Plant
2.Contents of Investment
- Investment Amount(A) : KRW 137,500,000,000
- Shareholders’ Equity(B): KRW 16,050,828,000,000
- Ratio (A/B):0.86%
3Purpose of Investment : Engine Production Capacity Expansion
4.Investment Period : Construction completion by December 2008
5.Decision Date (BOD Resolution Date): September 04, 2007
6.Applicability as a large-scale corporation : Yes
7.Others :
- The “Decision date” in #5 is the date of internal decision.
- The above capacity expansion will be at Hyundai Motor’s Ulsan Plant
- The “Investment amount” in #2 above is expected to be invested in several installments and
the investment amount and period may be subject to change depending on changes in the business situation, modification of design etc.

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