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New Look for EF SONATA

2001.01.09 No. 48
January 9, 2001 - - New Look for EF SONATA Korea`s best-selling car, HMC`s EF Sonata has been given a new look and a host of safety and comfort improvements. Launched on the domestic market from January 10, 2001 the EF Sonata has been lengthened for better interior space and has an all-new exterior in a stylish revamp to the car that has outsold all others in the Korean market for 10 out of the last 11 years. Although no date has yet been set for export, the EF Sonata has been thoroughly re-engineered in a US $ 130 million face-lift to help it increase its sales performance both at home and abroad. Technical improvements With its new look and 35 mm longer body the EF Sonata offers drivers and passengers greater interior comfort than before thanks to a re-designed interior. Passengers will also benefit from an improved suspension system with electronic control to improve ride performance. Re-engineered for crash safety, the car meets five-star US NHTSA standards and with an improved braking system that reduced braking distances by up to 17 per cent, drivers will find it easier to avoid an accident in the first place. The new car also receives a fully intelligent airbag system. The re-engineering of the EF Sonata has also reduced noise and vibration and the re-styled interior gives driver and passengers much more luxurious surroundings. Improved performance also comes from the head lights and foglights and interior conditions will be enhanced by a humidity-control system, Engines retained The 2001 EF Sonata retains existing 1.8 litre and 2.0 litre four cylinder engines and the 2.5 litre V6 unit first used in the original EF Sonata. These engines provide excellent levels of performance and economy plus low emissions in line with all current legislation. HMC is expecting the new EF Sonata to record more than 100,000 sales in Korea during 2001 and once introduced to export markets, a further 66,000 sales are expected. The EF Sonata is built at HMC`s Asan factory, southwest of the capital Seoul. In 2000 EF Sonata sold more than 85,000 units in export markets and 112,500 on the domestic market.
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