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Other Matters to be Disclosed

2005.10.27 No. 380
We have decided on an investment regarding commercial vehicle new engine development as listed below :
1. Contents of expected investment
- Object of investment : Commercial vehicle diesel engine development
- Purpose of investment : Efficient correspondence to the emission regulation for commercial vehicles in 2008 for Korea
- Expected investment amount : approximately KRW 273,500,000,000
- Expected date of mass production : October 2007
2. Others
- The “Contents of expected investment” in #1 above includes the R&D related to commercial vehicle engine development and the investment in facilities etc., and any future investments are expected to be made additionally by equipment and investment category
- The above may be subject to change depending on the progress of business, investment process and future investment conditions.
- The “Expected date of mass production” in #1 above is the internal decision date.
* Decision date : October 27, 2005
Name of Disclosure Officer : Yoo No Hwang,
Director, Head of Financial Management Group

* Date of Related Disclosure
(Korea Stock Exchange): May 24, 2004,
November 23, 2004,
May 20, 2005
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