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Other Matters to be Disclosed

2008.01.14 No. 525

1. Title : Responsive disclosure regarding the news report
Of MOU agreement for acquisition of Securities Company

2. Contents :

-  Company to be Acquired : Shinheung Securities
-  Seller : Seung-Ryong Ji (Major Shareholder) and 4 parties of special interest
-  Shares for Acquisition : 3,455,089 common shares of Shinheung Securities (29.76%)

3. Future Schedule :
a) Application for change in dominant shareholder
(Submission to : Financial Supervisory Commission)
b) Due diligence of securities company to be acquired
c) Report of business combination
(Submission to : Fair Trade Commission)
d) Contract for transaction of shares

4. Date of MOU : January 11, 2008

5. Others :
a) The shares for purchase above are expected to be purchased by Hyundai Motor Company and select affiliates.
b) The above contents may be subject to change depending on
the due diligence of the above mentioned securities company,
progress of share acquisition, laws and regulations of
the related countries etc.
notice close