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Resolution of Cash Dividends

2007.01.25 No. 487
1. Category : Settled dividend
2. Dividend per share(KRW) :
3. Dividend rate at market value(%):
4. Total annual dividend amount: KRW 275,373,000,000
5. Ex-dividend date(T+2) : December 31, 2006
6. Expected date of dividend payment : -

7.Expected date for the General Meeting of Shareholders :
March 09, 2007
8. Resolution date of Board of Directors : January 25, 2007
* Hyundai Motor Company?s audit committee members
are all outside directors. (3 out of 3 were present)
9. Others :
i. The above data may be subject to change depending on the results of the audit review and the approval of the General Meeting of Shareholders.
ii. The dividend information above for preferred shares are based on Type 2 Preferred shares :


Type 1 Preferred Shares

Type 3 Preferred Shares

Dividend amount/share

KRW 1,050

KRW 1,050

Dividend at market value



iii. The ?Total annual dividend amount? in #4 is round off the numbers to KRW 1,000,000.
iv. Expected date of dividend payments in # 6 above may be subject to change and dividend is expected to be paid within one month after the General Meeting of Shareholders.
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