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Resolution of the Board of Directors on Convocation of General Meeting of Shareholders

2003.02.14 No. 166

1. Date of Board Resolution: February 14, 2003
   (four out of four outside directors were present)

2. Reason for Convocation of BOD Meeting: To discuss the date of convocation of the
   35th general meeting of shareholders and the agenda

3. Expected Date of General Meeting of Shareholders:
   March 14, 2003 10:00 a.m.

4. Expected Place of General Meeting of Shareholders:
   Grand conference room of the 2nd floor of Hyundai Motor Company,
   231 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-ku, Seoul, Korea

5. Agenda:
   1) Approval of the financial statements of the 35th business year
   (1/1/2002 ~ 12/31/2002)
   2) Appointment of director(s)

Nominees Name Position
Outside Director Byung Il Park Outside Director of HMC
  Miyamoto Masao Outside Director of HMC
Inside Director Jeong In Park Hyundai MOBIS Chairman

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