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Resolution of Year-end Dividend

2023.02.02 No. 1027


Corporate Disclosure to Korea Exchange




Disclosure Title :  Resolution of Year-end Dividend


1.Category : Year-end Dividend


2.Type : Cash Settlement


3.Dividend per share(KRW): 

-Common Share :6,000

-Preferred Share :6,100


4.Dividend rate at market value(%): 

-Common Share : 3.8

-Preferred Share : 7.6


5.Total annual dividend amount: KRW 1,572,542,000,000


6.Record date of dividend : December 31, 2022


7.Expected date of dividend payment :  -


8.Resolution of AGM : Yes


9.Expected date for the AGM : -


10.Resolution date of Board of Directors : January 26, 2023

-attendance of independent directors : 6

-attendance of auditors(non BOD member) : -


11.Others : 

-The above may be changed depending on the results of general meeting of shareholders

-2022 total dividend per share is KRW 7,000 (based on common share)

Interim dividend : KRW 1,000, Year-end dividend : KRW 6,000

-The dividend information above for preferred share is based on type 2 preferred share :                                     


Type 1   Preferred Share

Type 3   Preferred Share

Dividend   amount



Dividend   rate at market value




-The “Total annual dividend amount” in #5 is rounded up to KRW 1,000,000.

-Related to #7, #8 and #9, the “Expected date of AGM” is undecided and for the “Expected date of dividend payment”, payment will be made after & within 1 month of the resolution date of general meeting of shareholders.

-Hyundai Motor Company’s audit committee members are all independent directors.

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