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Resolution on Acquisition of Treasury Stock

2011.09.01 No. 721
Corporate Disclosure to Korea Exchange

Disclosure date   :            September 1, 2011
Disclosure title   :            Resolution on Acquisition of Treasury Stock

1. Number of shares to be acquired           :            1,979,740 common shares

2. Expected acquisition amount    :            KRW 401,887,220,000

3. Expected period of acquisition :            September 2 ~ October 26, 2011

4. Purpose of acquisition              :            Grant of bonus stock to employees

5. Method of acquisition              :            market purchase

5. Security firm commissioned     :            HMC Investment Securities

6. Date of board decision                           :            September 1, 2011
* 5 of 5 external directors were present for the board decision. Audit committee member was also present.

7. Treasury stock holdings at the time of disclosure (prior to acquisition)

Type of shares

Number of shares

% of total shares issued







8. Notes

a. The “Expected acquisition amount” has been calculated by multiplying the number of shares to be acquired by the closing price of common share the day before the board decision date. The amount is subject to change based on shift in share price. (Closing price of common share on August 31, 2011 : KRW 203,000)

b. Limitation to number of shares that can legally be purchased in the market on a single day
             - No more than 1,979,740 shares on a single day
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