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Resolution on Disposal of treasury stock

2010.01.28 No. 621

Corporate Disclosure to Korea Exchange

Disclosure date : January 28, 2010

Number of shares expected to be disposed:
- Common Shares: 2,216,360 shares
2. Expected amount of disposal: 
- Common Shares: KRW 241,583,240,000

3. Disposal date : January 29, 2010

4. Purpose of disposal : Grant of stock bonus to employees

5. Status of treasury stock holdings before disposal :


Type of shares

Number of shares



Number of Direct



Common shares



Preferred shares



Number of


Holdings by

Trust contract

Common shares



Preferred shares



6. Date of board resolution:  January 28, 2010
-       attendance of outside directors : 5 out of 5
-       attendance of auditors : present

7. Others
- The number of employees eligible for stock bonus has decreased by 44 since the date on which acquisition of treasury stock was decided by the board. Therefore, the number of shares to be disposed reflects a decrease of 1,760 shares from the actual number of shares acquired for the purpose of granting stock bonus.

 - The “Expected amount of disposal” in #2 above, which is
the amount of shares in #1 above multiplied by the closing
price for January 27, 2010 (one day prior to the “Date
of board resolution” in #6 above), and may be subject to
change according to the actual purchase price.

-       The stock bonus will be granted by method of input into each employee’s individual stock trading account.

-       The auditors in #7 above are the member of Audit Committee.

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