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Resumption of Operation

2016.12.02 No. 817

Corporate Disclosure to Korea Stock Exchange

Disclosure title   :  Resumption of Operation

1. Location Where Operation was Resumed : All Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Plants in Korea

2. Sales revenue of work stoppage business:
             a) Sales revenue of work stoppage impacted: KRW 44,439,694,000,000
             b) Total sales revenue of the company: KRW 91,958,736,000,000
c) Sales revenue portion of work stoppage impacted(c=a/b): 48.33%
      d) Applicability as a large-scale corporation: Yes

3. Areas of work stoppage: Manufacturing, maintenance and sales of cars

4. Reason of resumption: End of partial stoppage related with metal union’s decision

5. Effects of work stoppage: Disruption of production

6. Date (and period) of resumption:
November 30, 2016
7. Decision Date of Work Stoppage: November 30, 2016

8. Others:
- The Sales revenue of work stoppage impacted in #2 is based on 2015 Total sales revenue (HMC Only) / Total sales revenue of the company is based on 2015 consolidated revenue.
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