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Retirement of Shares

2018.05.04 No. 853


Corporate Disclosure to Korea Exchange



Disclosure Title  :  Retirement of Shares 


1. Number of stocks to be retired : 4,405,528 common shares

                                                                  1,279,256 preferred shares


2. Total number of shares issued : 220,276,479 common shares

                                                                 65,202,146 preferred shares


3. The par value of the share : KRW 5,000 


4. Expected retirement amount : KRW  559,380,272,551 (closing price for 1 day prior to the date of board resolution)


5. Scheduled period of share acquisition for Retirement : -


6. Method of acquisition of shares for Retirement : Retained treasury stock 


7. Scheduled date of share retirement  : July 27, 2018


8. Securities firms commissioned : -


9. Date of board decision : April 27, 2018

 * 5 external directors were present for the board decision.


10. Notes


a. Treasury shares acquired within profit available for dividends will be retired according to the board’s decision. Therefore, the number of shares will be decreased and paid-in capital will be unchanged.


b. Legal basis : Korean Commercial code article 343, Section 1


c. (No.1) Preferred shares include 502,198 shares of preferred 1, 752,276 shares of preferred 2, and 24,782 shares of preferred 3. 


d. (No.4) The “Expected retirement amount” has been calculated by multiplying the number of shares to be acquired by the closing price of common share the day before the board decision date. The amount is subject to change based on shift in share price. 

e. (No.7) Expected date of retirement is subject to change.


f. (No.9) Audit committee consists of all External directors (All attended).


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