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Securities Purchase from Major Shareholder

2011.03.04 No. 682
Corporate Disclosure to Korea Exchange

Disclosure date   :            March 4, 2011
Disclosure title   :            Securities Purchase from Major Shareholder

1. Shareholder    :            Chung Mong-koo
                                        - Relationship to Company : an affiliate person

2. Details of Transaction  :

Date of Transaction

Object of Transaction

Transaction Amount

Accumulated amount of transaction

March 4, 2011

182,457 common shares of

Glovis Co., Ltd.

KRW 24,814,152,000

KRW 111,416,776,000

3. Purpose of Transaction             :            To increase fund management efficiency

4. BOD Decision             :

Date of Decision

Number of External Directors Present at the BOD Meeting

Auditor Participation

March 4, 2011

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5. Notes
A. The above transaction is based on closing price of March 4th, 2011
B. The securities were purchased via after-hours trading.
C. The auditor present at the BOD meeting is a member of the Audit Committee.   
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