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Sonata Trounces Camry in US Auto Club

2001.10.19 No. 97
In a blind consumer test carried out by the United States Auto Club, two thirds of motorists preferred the Hyundai Sonata to the Toyota Camry. Popular in the US, the "Brown-Bag" test puts consumers into two models that are disguised by being completely wrapped - apart from the windows - in brown paper making it impossible to differentiate between the vehicle brands. In a five-part test drive, motorists rate the vehicles and of the 528 people involved 354 chose the Hyundai Sonata as their favorite over the Toyota Camry - one of the biggest selling saloon cars in the United States market. Reality overcoming image The USAC has just recently authorized the "Brown-Bag" exercise as part of its regular consumer testing programme and Hyundai Motor Company`s Executive Vice President of International Business, Mr. Byung-Ho Sung said the result showed that the reality of Hyundai`s improving quality and design was overcoming differences of image. He said: "This result is clear evidence that Hyundai now has the design and quality to compete with some of the best auto-makers in the world and that our products are being preferred when the consumer`s judgement is not clouded by perceived image differences. This result will provide added impetus to our growing sales in the United States where the Toyota Camry is one of the top sellers."
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