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Temporary Response to Disclosure Inquiry regarding Rumor or News

2006.03.31 No. 423
Responsive disclosure regarding the news report of plans for establishment of plant in the Czech Republic.
Regarding the fact that we are studying the establishment of a new plant in the European area, we have decided on Nosovice, Czech Republic for the plant site; and we have concluded the negotiations on the basic terms, including the plant scale, with the Czech Republic authorities.
We are currently under negotiations concerning the remaining details for the official contract.
We will disclose any further details upon its conclusion by the end of September 2006.

Name of Disclosure Officer : Yoo No Hwang,
                           Senior Vice President,
                           Head of Financial Management Division
-Date of Related Disclosures
 (Korea Stock Exchange) : September 28, 2005
 September 30, 2005
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