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Temporary Response to Disclosure Inquiry regarding Rumor or News

2007.12.17 No. 519

Responsive disclosure regarding the news report of the
Establishment of Auto manufacturing plant in Russia

We have signed an MOU with Russia Saint Petersburg for the construction of a CBU manufacturing plant in order to expand our business in the Russia market. Matters and schedules related to the plant construction may be subject to change depending on the related laws, regulations, market conditions, etc of each country.

Summary of MOU :
-  Expected Investment : USD 400 million
-  Plant Capacity : 100 thousand units per annum
-  Expected Schedule : plant construction expected to
begin during 1 st Half 2008

We will disclose any further details by May 31, 2008, except in the case where agreements are confirmed, which we will disclose right away.

Related Disclosure : October 12, 2007

Name of Disclosure Officer : Dong Wook Park , Director

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