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The Convening Notice of 48th Annual General Meeting

2016.02.18 No. 806

1.    Date :   March 11, 2016 (Friday) 09:00 AM

2.    Place :  Grand Hall, 2nd Floor West Building, Head office of Hyundai Motor Company
           12 Heolleung-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (T : 82-2-3464-1114)

3.    Purposes of the Meeting

<Issues to report>        Independent Auditor’s Report, Annual Report, Appointment of External Auditors Report, Corporate Governance and Communication Committee Report

<Agenda>      Item 1 : Approval of financial statements for the 48th Fiscal Year
                            (1/1/2015 ~ 12/31/2015)
                   Item 2 : Appointment of director(s)
                   Item 3 : Appointment of member(s) of Audit Committee
                   Item 4 : Approval of director’s compensation cap

4.    Matters regarding the Exercise of Voting Rights

<What to bring to the shareholders’ meeting>
-      In-person : An invitation to the AGM and an identification
-      Proxy : An invitation to the AGM, a power of attorney (with information of the relevant shareholder and the person with the power of attorney filled in, and duly executed and sealed), and an identification of the agent.

    Korea Securities Depository cannot exercise the voting rights on behalf of shareholders pursuant to the capital market and financial investment service act Article 314 Section 5. Therefore, shareholders do not need to notify an intention of exercising the voting rights to the Korea Securities Depository. As before, shareholders can directly exercise the voting rights by visiting the place or indirectly exercise the right by providing a power of attorney to proxy.

5.    Other matters

For the 48th fiscal year, the Company expects to pay a cash dividend of KRW 3,000 for per share of common stock. (Series 1 Preferred Stock: KRW 3,050; Series 2 Preferred Stock: KRW 3,100; Series 3 Preferred Stock: KRW 3,050)

February 25, 2016
Hyundai Motor Company 
Representative Director, Yoon Gap Han  
(Seal omitted)
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