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Transaction with Major Shareholder

2010.03.12 No. 630
Corporate Disclosure to Korea Exchange

Disclosure date    :             March 12, 2010
Disclosure title     :             Transaction with Major Shareholder

1. Shareholder     :             Chung Mong-koo
                                        - Relationship to the Company : an affiliate person

2. Details of Transaction    :

Date of Transaction

Object of Transaction

Transaction Amount

March 12, 2010

786,576 common shares of

Glovis Co., Ltd.

KRW 77,163,000,000

3. BOD Decision :

Date of Decision

Number of External Directors Present at the BOD Meeting

Auditor Participation

March 12, 2010

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4. Notes
A. The above transaction follows the court ruling in which the above shareholder was ordered to pay KRW 77.1 billion in damages and penalties to the Company as result of a lawsuit filed by shareholders.
B. The above transaction amount is rounded up to the nearest KRW million.
C. The auditor present at the BOD meeting is a member of the Audit Committee.  

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