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Work Stoppage

2004.03.18 No. 222

1. Details of Operation Shutdown:
     - Work stoppage in a manufacturing plant

2. Location Where the Operation was Shut Down:
    - Hyundai Motor Company Chonju Plant

3. Previous Year`s Value of Production Affected by the Shutdown: KRW 1,861,642,000,000
     - Total Value of Production of Company in the Previous Fiscal Year :
       KRW 24,967,265,000,000
     - Ratio to Total Value of Production : 7.46%

4. Date (and period) of Shutdown: March 18, 2004 8:30 am (approximately 8hrs.)

5. Reason for Shutdown:
     - A stoppage in operations due to an offensive odor caused by the exposure of
       hazardous chemicals from a paint manufacturing plant in the nearby vicinity.

6. Expected Date of Operation Resumption: March 19, 2004

7. Effects of Shutdown:
     - Vehicle production loss (approximately 180 units)

8. Total Assets at the End of Previous Fiscal Year (2003): KRW 24,250,145,000,000

9. Others :
     - Amounts less than KRW 1,000,000 have been deleted from all the above amounts.
     - The amount in #3 above is based on the 2003 sales revenue for the Chonju Plant.
     - The shutdown period in #4 above is based on regular work hours.

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