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Work Stoppage

2004.06.25 No. 238
1. Content of work stoppage:
    - Work stoppage in manufacturing plants

2. Business location for work stoppage:
    - All Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Plants in Korea

3. Sales revenue of work stoppage plants(unit: Korean Won):
    a) Sales Revenue of work stoppage plants (Jan. ~ Mar. 2004):KRW 6,207,339,000,000
    b) Total sales revenue of the company (Jan. ~ Dec. 2003):KRW 24,967,265,000,000
    c) Sales revenue portion of work stoppage plants(c=a/b):24.86%

4. Work stoppage date(time period): From June 25, 2004. 2:00PM (35hrs.)
    a) June 25, 2004 (Friday) - dayshift 3 hrs., nightshift 4 hrs.
    b) June 28, 2004 (Monday) - dayshift 6 hrs., nightshift 6 hrs.
    c) June 29, 2004 (Tuesday) - dayshift 8 hrs., nightshift 8 hrs.

5. Reason of work stoppage:
    - A stoppage in operations from the break off of talks at the Year 2004 Wage

6. Expected date of operation resumption: June 30, 2004

7. Effects of work stoppage:
    - Vehicle production loss for selective models (approximately 12,153 units)

8. Total assets of Hyundai Motor Company as of the end of fiscal year 2003 :
    KRW 24,250,145,000,000

9. Others
    - Amounts less than KRW 1,000,000 have been deldeted.
    - The above expected day of operation resumption is subject to delay depending on
    the decision by the Central Disputes Committee on whether to prolong the work
    stoppage or not (decision to be held on June 28, 2004).

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