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The all-new
KONA Electric

You lead the way.

Electric driving technology

The carefully matched components of the electric power train have been engineered to provide excellent driving characteristics and a practical everyday driving range. The completely new platform of the KONA enables a space-saving integration of the battery packs without compromising roominess.
electric driving technology

Lithium-ion polymer battery

Hyundai decided to use a lithium-ion polymer battery pack for the all-new KONA Electric instead of conventional nickel-metal hybrid batteries. This provides lower memory sensitivity and excellent charge and discharge efficiency, along with outstanding maximum output. A newly developed Battery Thermal Management system in KONA Electric enables higher battery efficiency and higher lifetime. It is water cooled through the connection to the A/C system and heated by an electric heating element.

Electric motor

Pick your power and define your preferred range by selecting from two battery versions: the 39.2 kWh version with a top speed of 155 km/h with up to 312 km driving range on the WLTP cycle (345 km NEDC converted). The 64 kWh version with a top speed of 167 km/h delivers up to 482 km on the WLTP cycle (546 km NEDC converted) driving range on a single charge.


Depending on your grid connection at home or the type of fast charging station you have access to,
KONA Electric offers various possibilities and plug types for charging.

Programmable charging

battery status

Battery status

One look is all it takes. Range and battery state of charge are clearly displayed, as well as charging times when plugged into the various types of chargers.
charging time reservation

Charging time reservation

A few taps is all it takes to save money. Use the Charging Time Reservation function on the center screen to program start and stop charging times to make the most of off-peak electricity rates and wake up to a fully charged battery.
charging limit

Charging limit

Set a charging limit – for example 90% - to manage the charging time and charging cost. You can charge as minimum amount at the charging station and then fully charge the battery at home with low cost while you sleep.
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