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As part of an effort to offer products that resonate with the newly emerging automotive lifestyle and culture, Hyundai Motor presents ‘HYUNDAI COLLECTION’ as lifestyle products that bring to life new thinking and new possibilities to everyday objects.

The thought of travel stirs a special sense of excitement and freedom. With the first theme ‘Journey’ HYUNDAI COLLECTION brings that special feeling to everyday life. With many more items and a more refined appearance HYUNDAI COLLECTION wishes to breathe with your everyday life.
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HYUNDAI COLLECTION expresses our ideal of creating simple and appropriate, yet unique offerings in everyday products. Focused on simple design seeking simplicity from reduced forms and materials in a creative way, HYUNDAI COLLECTION suggests the emotional value of our era.


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Highlight #1 : Travel/Leisure

Lifestyle design to add a short moment of breeze on your daily life with more value from reduced lines and forms
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Highlight #2 : Daily Items

A good day starts with HYUNDAI COLLECTION daily items that are closer to your hands. Daily collection offers well designed apparel. bags & accessories, and stationery that make your lifestyle simple and enjoyable.



Online Shop

No matter where you live around the world, HYUNDAI COLLECTION can be right there for you.
The online shop is available 24/7, so take a few minutes to look around our selections.
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On-site Exhibition

HYUNDAI COLLECTION is exhibited at the brand showroom, Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul and Beijing while being sold in Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang brand shop.

At the brand shop of Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang, we welcome you not only with HYUNDAI COLLECTION, but also with a wide range of branded merchandises for sale. Come and enjoy with us!
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