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Simple, yet unique in style and function
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Could a portable stool satisfy all the needs of portability, usability and aesthetics?
The Stool, one of the main items of HYUNDAI COLLECTION addresses this question appropriately by considering its aesthetic value and functional form in both the folded and open states. Cut and formed from a simple circle, the stool’s form expresses a restrained aesthetic design.
The legs open at different angles to a unique stance and fold to tuck neatly under the seat, maximizing portability. A hidden hinge lock keeps the legs in place in both folded and open states.
The HYUNDAI COLLECTION considers all the details, visible and hidden, to create modern premium values.
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Spoon set

Does a package have to be disposable?
The HYUNDAI COLLECTION Spoon Set rethinks and questions the conventional idea of a product package. The package is an integrated case that considers further usability and functionality. The knife and the ladle also serve to contain all the parts for easy storage and portability.
The Spoon Set goes beyond simplicity in form to provide a delightful, unexpected functionality.
The simple, unified form of the Spoon Set maintains a consistent look & feel and delivers new values.
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Tumbler & Cup

The Tumbler and Cup are designed as a visual and tactile reminder of reduction and restraint. By cutting the two sides from a regular cylindrical tumbler to reduce its form, the design visualizes the notion of consuming less towards sustainable and frugal direction.
The HYUNDAI COLLECTION strives to instigate behavior changes for a more sustainable lifestyle.
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Could a flask satisfy all the needs of usability, portability and aesthetics?
The HYUNDAI COLLECTION Flask’s triple layer of steel insulation keeps the content consistently hot or cold. The outer shells not only serve as vessels for two to share a moment brilliant, but also work to provide a layer of protection for the flask and maintain a beautiful, consistently unified design.
hyundai collection highlight1 Pen & Pencil

Pen & Pencil

The Pen and Pencil keep the concept and design language of a pencil stub. The pencil cap & sharpener lengthens the pencil that might otherwise be unusable.
The caps is designed to protect the sharpener tip of the pencil, the clip is designed with solid material from the pen without any extra form.
The HYUNDAI COLLECTION creates simple and appropriate, yet unique offerings in everyday products.
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The lighting of HYUNDAI COLLECTION is inspired by the sun-visor, A-pillar and dashboard of a car. All parts are designed to be foldable, reducing any wasted storage and packaging space. The portable one uses solar panels and can be used without any other power sources.
The series of HYUNDAI COLLECTION Lighting includes a table, floor, portable and a ceiling light type.

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