Front View

image of front appearance of ambulance

Interior Standard Configuration

image of a control panel

Control Panel

image of a Inverter


image of a sphygmomanometer


image of a movable lightening device

Movable lightening device

image of wash basin and sink

Wash basin & Sink

image of wall storage shelf & medical device

Wall storage shelf & medical device

image of patrician plate & curtain

Patrician plate & curtain

image of non-slip rear steps

Non-slip rear step

image of a doctor's seat

Doctor's seat

image of a bench seat & under storage

Bench seat & Under storage

image of an oxygen resuscitator

Oxygen resuscitator

image of an oxygen bombe

Oxygen bombe(10.2L)

image of a main stretcher

Main stretcher

image of auxiliary stretcher which is stored

Auxiliary stretcher

AMBULANCE : Item, Vehicle, County
Item Vehicle
Overall (mm) L 6,550
W 2,035
H 2,755
W/B Short (3,350)
Equipment Electric 3 items (control panel, warning light/amplifier, inverter)
Medical 6 items (main stretcher, auxiliary stretcher, sphygmomanometer, etc.)
Others 8 items (doctor's seat, movable lighting device, wash basin/sink, etc.)
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