Construction Truck
9 m³ Mixer

It builds dreams of family

Front/Rear view

front view of HD370 9m³ mixer truck
image of mixer truck's water tank

1. Water Tank (450 liters)

image of mixer truck's drum part

2. Drum (9 m³)

image of a water pump unit

3. Water pump

image of a 24 inch tire

4. 24 inch tire

image of ZF gear reducer and oil cooler unit

5. Reduction and oil cooler (ZF)

image of control box

6. Control box

image of a hopper

7. Hopper

image of a scoop

8. Scoop

image of hydraulic pump

9. Hydraulic pump (Damfoss)

image of steel fender

10. Steel fender

image of cement mixer chute

11. Chute

image of mixer's control lever

12. Easy control lever

image of 8m washing hose

13. Washing hose (8 m)

Construction Truck 9 m³ Mixer : Item, C/Cab, HD370S
Item C/Cab
Drive Type 6 x 4
Overall (mm) L 9,915
W 2,585
H 3,790
W/B (mm) 4,590
G.V.W 37,000 kg
Axle Capa. Front 8,000
Rear 1 15,000
Rear 2 15,000
Spring Front 11 EA (13 mm)
Rear 12 EA (22 mm) / 3 EA (20 mm)
Tire 12R24
Thickness Drum 6/4T/Steel
Blade 5T/Steel
Hopper 4T/Steel
Scoop 3T/Steel
Chute 4T/Steel
Hydraulic Pump Discharge rate : 89.1 cc/rev
Motor -
Reduction gear Max. RPM: 16
Drum Dia. 2,300 Φ
Slope Angle 10.5 °
Type Wet / Dry
Water Pump Flow rate: 30 ℓ/min, Press: 3 bar
Tank Steel 450 ℓ
Washing Nozzle 4 EA (Main, Hopper, Scoop, Drum)
Hose PVC, 8 m
Control Panel SUS304 Touch panel
Fender Steel
Side Protect Device Steel SQ Pipe Type
PTO Flywheel PTO
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