Special Purpose
Liftable Air Suspension

Front View

Left side view of white HD120 extra long and white HD210 ultra long implying liftable air suspension

Liftable Air Suspension Systems

image of lift axle of HD120 and HD210 with air suspension
Liftable air suspension systems, installed on the chassis frame in front of the rear drive axle or behind it, increase the payload capacity of a truck.
LIFTABLE AIR SUSPENSION : Item, Model, Pusher axle, Tag axle
Item Model
Pusher axle Tag axle
Model KT-5000PD KT-5000TD
Model Tread 1,800 mm (euro 4/5)
1,660 mm (euro 3)
Center drop type Standard type
Wheel 6.75 x 19.5" (Steel)
Tire 245/70R (4 EA)
Chamber Double
Air tank 35 ℓ (3 EA)
Spring (ride/lift) 2 bag / 2 bag
Spring (damper) x x
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