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Silver color Grand Santa Fe is placed in front of beautiful lake


Bold new looks


Side view of silver Grand Santa Fe parked outdoor and people passing behind
  • Front side view of silver Grand Santa Fe

    A greater way to enjoy your ride

    Whether you are on a family road trip or driving around the city, every ride will provide all the comfort you need in a spacious cabin with greater dynamic functions that are all within easy reach.
  • Closer view of headlamp light on

    Bi-function HID headlamps with LED positioning lamps

    Drive in comfort and keep your eyes on the road with brightly enhanced Bi-function HID headlamps that offer greater visibility throughout day and night and add a futuristic appeal.
  • Closer view of front fog lamp light on

    Front fog lamps with LED
    and Daytime running lights (DRL)

    Along with eye-catching front fog lamps, available Daytime running light (DRL) ensures maximum visibility that will get you noticed in low sunlight conditions.
    • Only available in select regions
  • Plastic skid plates

    Plastic skid plates

    Front and rear skid plates serve as a rugged design cue.

  • Side view of silver Grand Santa Fe

    The perfect urban companion

    With sophisticated styling and dynamic attitude, Grand Santa Fe is ready for a luxurious and powerful drive.
  • Panorama sunroof

    Panorama sunroof

    The wider and longer Panorama sunroof is ideal for warm weather with a greater sense of openess as well as coziness thanks to the motor-driven roller blind.
  • Electric folding outside mirrors

    Electric folding outside mirrors

    Grand Santa Fe's outside mirror is unlike any other - it can be heated to stay clear in rain and snow, folds electronically, and features puddle lamps that illuminate when getting in.
  • Two alloy wheels

    Alloy wheels

    Agile 19" and 18" aluminium wheels are ready to leap forward with their powerful and athletic design. A full-sized alloy wheel is also optional.

  • Side rear view of silver Grand Santa Fe

    Drive comfortably anytime, anywhere

    From snowy landscapes to rocky mountains, seize the best moments in the unparalleled SUV.
  • Rear spoiler

    Rear spoiler

    Aerodynamic design of the rear spoiler efficiently blends safety enhancement with modern styling.
    • Only available in select regions
  • LED rear combination lamps

    LED rear combination lamps

    With outstanding visibility, LED rear combination lamps make a bold statement and enhance the vehicle's clean expression.
  • Rear skid plate

    Rear skid plate

    The sporty design cue of the Rear skid plate asserts its purpose with greater stability and a unified look.

Roof racks

Roof racks

Practical and aesthetically appealing, the roof rack's close-type design complements Grand Santa Fe's slick top line.
Wide quarter glass

Wide quarter glass

Love the surround view from any seating plus the more open panoramic view with the wide quarter glass from the third row.
Dual mufflers

Dual mufflers

Gracefully integrated dual mufflers add an elegant finishing touch to the rear bumper.


Full view of front interior from side viewpoint
Premium comfort in every way
There is no better way to feel relaxed then the home-like comfort and
first-class accommodation of the Grand Santa Fe.
Seat color
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Burgundy
  • Woven 1 GL
  • Woven 2 GLS
  • Leather GLS option
  • Zebrawood GL
  • Hexagonal rush GLS
  • Woven 1 GL
  • Woven 2 GLS
  • Leather GLS option
  • Walnut GL
  • Hexagonal rush GLS
  • Woven 1 GL
  • Woven 2 GLS
  • Leather GLS option
  • Poplar GL
  • Hexagonal rush GLS
  • Leather GLS option
  • Semi-gloss ash GLS
  • Seat materials
  • Garnish materials
Comfortable and spacious interior

Select from a wide range of unique colors and choose how you
look and feel on the road.

  • grand santa fe interior front seat
  • grand santa fe interior rear seat

2nd row seat remote folding

2nd row seat remote folding

Effortlessly create more storage space with the remote folding second row seat for maximum comfort in Grand Santa Fe's cargo-friendly cabin.
Drink bottles stored in the glove box

Glove box

Diverse storage compartments make your journeys pleasant including the glove box for storing various items from manuals to your favorite cool drinks.
2nd row air ventilation

2nd row air ventilation

Grand Santa Fe always keeps everyone satisfied in fresh air with the second row air ventilation system.
Rear heater and rear air ventilation

Rear heater and rear air ventilation

Every seat is tailored to suit your comfort and temperature can be easily controlled to keep yourself as cool or as warm as you like.

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