Hydrogen power.

NEXO’s fuel cell system combines oxygen and hydrogen to create a flow of electrons that powers the electric drive motor and charges the 1.56kWh high voltage battery.

Along with its five-minute fill-up time and impressive range of 414 miles (WLTP), NEXO offers a viable alternative to the combustion engine for everyday commuting and long drives alike.


Cutting-edge technology.

Since launching the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell in 2013, we've overhauled its constituent parts to make the system smaller, lighter and stronger. As a result, our second generation fuel cell has the world’s highest system efficiency, consuming as little as 1kg of hydrogen per 62 miles.
  1. Photo showing the Hydrogen tank in the Hyundai Nexo.

    Cutting-edge fuel cell technology.

    Equipped with a revolutionary fuel cell system, the NEXO is a glimpse into the hydrogen society future.
  2. Graphic showing the recuperative braking functionality of the Hyundai Nexo.

    Recuperative braking.

    By using the electric motor to slow the vehicle, the NEXO recuperates energy to charge its battery and maintain a healthy state of charge.
  3. Photo showing the Hyundai Nexo interior cluster.


    With a short filling time and a driving range of 414 miles (WLTP), the NEXO proves the practicality of an eco-friendly powertrain.

    Fuel cell drivetrain functionality.

    When hydrogen stored in the tanks enters the fuel cell stack, it is broken down into protons and electrons. The flow of electrons created in the fuel cell provides electricity that drives the electric motor, and the protons react with oxygen molecules from the air, generating heat and water – the only emission.
    1. Graphic illustrating hydrogen being supplied to the fuel cell stack.

      Step 1.

      Hydrogen stored in the three tanks is supplied to the fuel cell stack.
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    1. Graphic illustrating the inflow of air being supplied to the fuel cell stack.

      Step 2.

      An inflow of air is supplied to the fuel cell stack.
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    1. Graphic showing the air and hydrogen generating electricity and water.

      Step 3.

      The reaction of air and hydrogen in the fuel cell stack generates electricity and water.
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    1. Graphic showing the flow of electricity to the motor.

      Step 4.

      Generated electricity is supplied to the electric motor.
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    1. Graphic showing water as the only emission of the all-new Hyundai Nexo.

      Step 5.

      The water created in the reaction is emitted – the NEXO’s only tailpipe emission. Hydrogen is a versatile, clean, and safe energy carrier. Generating zero tailpipe emissions at point of use, it can be produced from renewable electricity and from carbon-abated fossil fuels, thereby achieving zero tailpipe emission pathways.
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    Extreme cold weather tested and proven.

    The NEXO was developed to cold-start at temperatures as low as -30°C. At our Proving Ground in Sweden, we tested our latest electrified vehicles in the most extreme sub-zero conditions. The rigorous testing ensures winter-proved operation for tough everyday use.


    Exquisite comfort and seamless connectivity.

    You’ll find class-leading features at every turn. With real-time vehicle performance information, and advanced connectivity and infotainment, driving NEXO feels natural, but enhanced in every way.
    1. Photo of the Hyundai Nexo's on-board control system.

      12.3″ touch-screen navigation.

      The elegant centrepiece of the on-board control system, the seamless 12.3″ wide touch-screen puts everything at your fingertips.
    2. Photo showing a charged phone on the wireless charging pad.

      Wireless charging.

      A wireless charging pad (Qi standard) lets you easily charge a compatible Qi-enabled smartphone without the use of cables.
    3. Photo showing a speaker of the KRELL premium sound system.

      KRELL premium sound system.

      The KRELL sound system delivers stellar performance. 8 speakers and an external amplifier treat everyone on board to a special sound experience.


      Next generation practicality.

      From added comfort to smart features that make you safer and driving easier – all come built-in with the Hyundai NEXO.
      1. Photo showing the Hyundai Nexo's ventilated seats.

        Heated and air ventilated seats.

        NEXO’s electronically-adjustable front seats also contain 3-step heating and ventilation.

      2. Photo illustrating the Hyundai Nexo's heated steering wheel.

        Heated steering wheel.

        A two-spoke, two-tone heated steering wheel adds to the cabin’s clean, modern style, and makes cold weather motoring more appealing, which is handy, as NEXO was developed to cold start at temperatures as low as -30ºC.

      3. Photo of the open boot of the Hyundai Nexo.

        Boot capacity.

        The NEXO offers plenty of room for passengers and cargo with a boot capacity of 461 litres (VDA). The 60/40 rear seats fold flat to give you more flexibility and cargo space.


        Hyundai Smart Sense.

        Enjoy greater confidence on the road with Hyundai SmartSense, our cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS. NEXO is leading the way forward with the highest level of ADAS of any mass brand, with safety innovations including a self-parking system and lane-following features.

        NEXO has also been awarded a 5* Euro NCAP rating. Hydrogen is stored in three tanks for extra security in the event of a collision, and a high strength tank protection structure is designed to absorb high energy impacts without transferring impact loads through to the hydrogen tank.

        Photo showing the Blind Spot View Monitor on the centre cluster screen.

        Blind-Spot View Monitor.

        An industry-first, our Blind Spot View Monitor shows the driver side views on the supervision instrument cluster when indicating to change lanes. It also enhances visibility in dark and rainy conditions. We’re the first car manufacturer to provide the driver with video footage from both sides of the vehicle in the instrument cluster.
        Photo showing the button RSPA button.

        Remote Smart Park Assist (RSPA).

        Parking just got much easier. RSPA enables NEXO to autonomously park or move out from a parking space, with or without a driver in the car. Designed especially for narrow parking spaces and garages.

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