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Does the car need to be heated once you start engine at the morning?

Engine heating depends on certain conditions such as the type of metal the engine is made from, the cold and technical atmosphere in the car, etc. For example, Genesis cars do not need to heat or warm the engine to the usual limit. Only 30 seconds for the engine oil to reach all engine parts to avoid dry friction (without oil). We recommend heating the engine for Hyundai cars to maintain the performance of the engine and kerosene and to avoid the feeling of gear changes inside the gear. If you are in a hurry, it is okay to heat the engine for 30 seconds and then drive the car at a steady pace. The engine pressure counter is not less than 2000 RPM for ten minutes.

What is the disadvantage of servicing or repairing the vehicle in the non-authorized service center?

1- Ignorance of the worker how the sound of the car for lack of constants required from the factory, which must be completed during maintenance.
2 - Efficiency of the worker in the maintenance work of the vehicle.

What is the benefit of changing the Ac filter?

• Purify the air inside the room of dust and bacteria that harm the human body.
• Keep the radiator (refrigerator) clean and operate efficiently.
• helps to reduce unpleasant odors. Some filters have a substance that helps kill these odors.

What is the disadvantage of using the non-approved (genuine) spare parts?

Damage is not limited to the piece itself, but even to the passengers of the vehicle and other pieces related or working with the counterfeit piece. So why is this cheap? Because the replicas are not subject to quality testing and research by the factory, which in turn increases the quality of the product and carries it to the most difficult conditions.

When you should change the break pad?

The change in the fabric of the brake is different from one person to another, depending on factors such as location, weather and driving time. Therefore, we advise changing the brake fabrics every 40,000 kilometers to maintain the performance of the brakes and efficiently to avoid accidents.

What is the proper way to start the engine?

There is no special way to operate the car.

Can the old wiper cause a damage in the front windshield?

Yes, it is harmful, which costs you material and humanitarian amounts, it scratches the front glass because of the iron arm, which carries the skin of the area, forcing you to change the windscreen. In the case of rain, dust or frost, the windscreen is to clean the glass so that the driver can follow the road and avoid any obstacles during driving. So we recommend changing the windscreen periodically until you are in a rare area of rain. This is an advice to keep the windscreen running areas with water spray from the sprinklers for the front or rear to make it wet and flexible the length of time of drying once a week.

Is using the rear camera enough when drive backward?

It is not enough to rely on the rear camera when you go back, especially the cameras that are in the ornamental stores. Because they need to weigh angles and dimensions. So all cars with a rear camera have rear sensors from the factory to alert when approaching other objects. Do not neglect the side mirrors because they have a great benefit when going back.

What is the benefit of serving your car in the authorized service center?

You will get many advantages and most important:
- Guarantee on repair and spare parts original 12 months or 20,000 kilometers whichever is earlier (subject to conditions and provisions).
- Technicians are experts and certified by the factory and are keen to maintain Hyundai cars and trained periodically to achieve quality and accuracy. - Providing original spare parts and the content of the factory directly without the intermediary, which provides safety to provide the original pieces.

Doing a Maintenance with non-authorized centers does it affect the warranty of the car?

Yes affects the warranty flow of the parts that require periodic maintenance such as engine, kipper, and drive. Especially when using oil and filters not approved by the factory and the agent.

What is the benefit of the factory warranty?

The factory provides a service and provides a guarantee on the vehicle from collision to the defects of workmanship and repairs carried out on the vehicle during the warranty period.

What is the effect on vehicles once we don’t do maintenance periodically?

Neglecting maintenance dates will affect the performance of the vehicle gradually, thus reducing its useful life and efficiency.

Does the Check List affect the efficiency of the vehicle?

Yeah. Inspection is a verification of the work integrity of the pieces in the vehicle and it works efficiently. During the examination, the pieces that need to be changed will be identified before any problem occurs.

What is the risk of delaying the oil change?

Engine oil is too important to imagine. The oil is not limited to lubricating and lubricating engine parts, but oil works on several functions including engine cooling, washing the engine and cleaning of the sediment resulting from internal combustion and isolate the sound of friction. When the engine oil change is delayed, the friction between the parts will increase, which affects the distance between the pieces and increases the likelihood of stiffness of the machine or poor performance and response.

What is the usage of gearbox oil?

The correct scientific term for conveyor oil is Fluid, because the transmission fluid is not limited to lubrication only. The main function of the conveyor fluid (gear) is the transmission of the engine from the machine to the kerosene as well as the lubrication, cooling and cleaning of the parts.

What is the impact of the spark plug on the impact of the vehicle?

To operate a gasoline-powered machine you need four main things, without them the machine will never work, Gasoline, air, pressure and spark. The spark is produced by the puji to ignite the compressed mixture in the engine combustion chamber.