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The 3rd Hyundai Service Advisor Championship

No. 105 08 2016178 hit

Venue : Seoul, Korea

Period : Oct 11 – Oct 14, 2016

Competition : Written Test, Role Play





Hyundai Service Advisors are playing the greatest role in enhancing customer satisfaction. Hyundai Motor Company has developed various programmes to enhance their customer caring skills. Hyundai Service Advisor Championship is one of its most remarkable global events to motivate service advisors. 

How caring are you? Do you listen to what customers say? Do you shown concern? And then explain service maintenance jobs after completion when vehicle is delivered? 

In the 1st Hyundai Service Advisor Championship, Service Advisor, Calvin Kan has won the Excellent Skill Award. Two years later at the 2nd Hyundai Service Advisor Championship, David Lam finished third in the Overall World’s Best Service Advisor, bringing home the bronze medal and a plaque for himself. 

David and Calvin’s award winning performance is, indeed, a boost to Singapore as a country that places paramount importance on service. 

For 2016, to promote and reward excellence in customer satisfaction at all levels, Komoco Hyundai is hosting the Hyundai Service Advisor Singapore Championship. The winner from this competition will have the opportunity to compete in the 3rd Hyundai Service Advisor Championship in Korea 11th – 14th October 2016.

Keep up the good work, Hyundai Service Advisors! 



Proud moment: David receiving his plaque from Mr. Tak Uk Im, the Executive Vice President & Coo of HMC. 


David’s winning plaque


Proud moment: Calvin receiving his Excellent Skill award from Mr. K.R. Lee, HMC’s Director of International Service Division.


Calvin’ winning trophy




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