Service Program

Hyundai Motor Company is providing various before service programs to enhance satisfaction of our valued customers.

Before Service

Meaning of Before Service

Before Service is proactive maintenance service of Hyundai that Hyundai service team visits customer's place and finds out the problem of the vehicle, helping them fix the problem. Hyundai customers with Before Service can experience the comprehensive maintenance service from inspection to repair at their minimum efforts.

Before Service

Purpose of the service

Before Service ensures the safety of customer's vehicle operation and helps customer learn simple tips for self-maintenance and emergency measures against accidental damage. Hyundai Service supports customers with Before Service to establish Safe Driving Culture.


Outreach Service

Komoco Motors has been holding several Outreach Service Programs over the past few years. The purpose of the program is to bring our service closer to all Hyundai Owners staying in different regions of Singapore. The free inspection programs are held at Shell Petrol Kiosks and ITE College. Our professional technician team has carried out various visual points' inspection for Hyundai cars. If potential problems detected, Hyundai Owners are recommended to send their cars to our Service Centre for proper servicing. Special discounts on labour and parts change are extended for the outreach customers. Apart from that, customers are invited to test drive the new Hyundai model cars during the event.

Service Clinic

Our Service Clinics serve the same purpose, to extend free 'medical checkup' to all Hyundai cars at our Service Centre. Should there any problems or potential problems detected, our Service Advisor will offer the best service recommendations to anticipate customers' needs.