Take care of your

beloved car with Hyundai's

recommended scheduled


Why you should check your car regularly?

At Komoco (Singapore Service Dealer), all our technicians are Hyundai-trained to the highest standards to handle the advanced technology in Hyundai cars. We use only factory tools, diagnostic equipments and original spare parts to service and repair your Hyundai to keep it in tip-top condition.

By maintaining your vehicle at the recommended mileage service intervals, you can be assured that your Hyundai will give you many reliable miles down the road. It is always more convenient and cost effective to perform regular scheduled maintenance than to delay maintenance, possibly leading to serious or costly major repairs.

Body Repair and Spray Painting Service

Komoco Service Centre provides one-stop Hyundai car servicing and repair services. We also provide top class body repair and spray painting services at affordable price.