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Specifications varies from country to country.
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Specifications varies from country to country.
Specifications varies from country to country.
What people like the best option?
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  • img_i40_high_03.png

    European style

    Designed by an international team of stylists at the company's design center in Russelsheim, Germany the suave and sophisticated i40 has a pure European pedigree.

  • img_i40_high_03.png

    Large storage Space for Practical Drivers

    The i40 has large storage space of up to 1,719ℓ, enabling drivers to make better use of the interior space.

  • img_pip_i40_highlights_05.jpg

    High fuel efficiency

    The gasoline engine and 6 speed transmission of the i40 give high fuel efficiency compared to the competition.

  • img_pip_i40_highlights_04.jpgExteriorThe i40 speaks Hyundai's design language of fluidic sculpture. Inspired by nature’s aesthetics, it presents a perfect harmony of nature, man and machine.
  • hw021714.jpgInteriorThe interior is in perfect synch with the exterior, reflecting sophistication and elegance.
  • img_pip_i40_highlights_06.jpgPERFORMANCEThe i40 delivers best-in-class fuel economy without compromising power or driving pleasure.
  • img_pip_i40_highlights_07.jpgSafetySmart safety systems are programmed to automatically detect dangerous situations and help prevent accidents.
  • img_pip_i40_highlights_08.jpgCONVENIENCEThere's more to the i40 than eye-catching design. With 1,719ℓ of maximum storage space, this estate is ready to do some serious hauling.
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Design that appeals to the emotions,
right off the bat

The first thing you’ll notice about the i40 is its front lighting
group: eagle-eye head lamps and wing-shaped fog lamps.
A nature-inspired organic design combines a sporty style
and sleek profile for a charismatic effect.

HID head lamps that illuminate like dayThe i40 can be ordered with High Intensity Discharge (Xenon),
the premium lighting technology specified by all luxury automobile
manufacturers.The HID headlamps can bring out details conventional
headlamps cannot. The light beam is also brighter and longer,
without glares, and with a colour temperature that closely
approximates that of daylight.

A Euro-chic estate ready
for tomorrow

The i40 gives estate cars a new edge. With a futuristic
profile and strong character lines that match well with an
elongated greenhouse, the i40 boasts a European

Panoramic sun roof that lets the sun inThe twin-panel panoramic sunroof floods the cabin with sunlight to transform the mood.

A design story that flows
front to back

The i40’s best angle? Every angle. After all, the front, rear
and side designs harmonize so well, they feel like one.
The look is graceful, the feel is modern.

Quick & bright LED-type rear combination lampsLarge, wraparound rear combination lamps are handsomely sculpted and use an LED array for maximum brightness and enhanced safety. By lighting up a split second faster than conventional lamps, they alert the following driver sooner.

  • Outside mirror
    Aerodynamically sculpted housing minimises wind noise and includes an LED side repeater to promote safer lane changes.

  • Fog lamps
    Optional front fog lamps feature clear lenses and an extra low mounting point for maximum penetration in foggy driving conditions.

  • High mounted stop lamp
    Maximum visibility and safety are ensured by mounting this safety lamp into the roof spoiler and fitting it with an array of bright red LEDs.

  • Wheels
    Handsome and lightweight, these wheels enhance the appearance of the car and driving pleasure.


A sporty, high-tech
experience, inside and out

Who comes first when it comes to the driver’s-seat design?
The driver, of course. Everything about the cabin, from its roominess to
flowing plane, was made to provide you with the utmost comfort and

Interior space that exceeds ex-
To ensure the i40 would meet the high expectations of
European customers, the interior specifications called
for the use of premium grade electrical components and
superior quality trim parts.

Large and versatile cargo area

60/40 seat folding for room for more
For added versatility, the rear seat backrests feature a 60:40 split, so you can still carry the luggage plus a rear seat passenger or two.

Luggage area that invites you to pack heavy
i40 offers minimum 553 to maximum 1,719ℓ of trunk capacity, and luggage under the tray has been applied for additional convenience. It’s surprising just how much you can fit into the back of your i40.

Full-flat seat
Rear seat backrests fold flat into the floor while the floor rail system helps keep your luggage safely secured.

A driver power seat with IMS and control functions that put you in power

Set the electrically controlled driver’s seat the way you like it – you can adjust it in 10 directions - and let the Integrated Memory Seat do the rest. It will remember his and her favourite seat positions. Also available is power lumbar support for the driver’s seat.

  • Rear armrest with cup holder
    For the comfort of rear seat passengers, i40 comes with a foldable armrest which includes built-in cup holders.

  • Deluxe centre armrest
    The central armrest’s multi-box access opens to various compartments providing a place for everything from CDs to other small items… all within a simply soft place rest your arm.

  • Storage Box
    Handy container for storing those little odds and ends. A sliding cover helps keep a neat appearance.