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Genuine Parts

The Perfect Opportunity to Tailor your Car.

Genuine Parts 2

  • Guaranteed to

  • Guaranteed to

  • Guaranteed

  • Hyundai Genuine Parts are tested under various simulated extreme conditions to ensure Quality, Reliability and Durability. They are also backed by a 12 month 20,000km warranty.
    Hyundai Genuine Parts always prove to be a sound investment for your car. Specifically designed and tested, all Hyundai Genuine Parts are made to the highest standards. Hyundai
    • Guaranteed to fit

    • Guaranteed to perform

    • Guaranteed Genuine

Don’t settle for second best

The Automotive Parts Market is full of cheap alternatives. As inexpensive as possible, fitting non-Genuine or refurbished Parts to your Hyundai will affect the warranty of your vehicle. Those Parts are not manufactured under such stringent standards as Hyundai Genuine Parts. Fitting such Parts will not only hamper the quality of your car, but will also affect other parts and cause more problems, leading to more repairs, or worse, an accident.
So for your family and your safety, always insist on Hyundai Genuine Parts.