Warranty Extension Package

Warranty Information

Hyundai will be responsible for the Vehicle and Components
During the Warranty period as promised

Warranty Extension Package

1. Package that extends your vehicle’s warranty for 2~3 years after your basic warranty has expired.

  • Package includes part expenses and service charge.
  • Repair components are OEM and warranty applies to all OEM components.
  • Indirect costs like Transportation expenses, Unexpected cost loss, Fuel cost etc. are not included in the amount of compensation.
  • During the extension period, a service charge of 30,000 Won(VAT excluded) will be charged for every visit.

2. Service Period

  • 1) 2 years/40,000km extension package
    (for Chassis / General Components)

    • Manufacturer Warranty Period : 3 years/60,000km
    • Extension Package : 2 years/40,000km package
  • 2) 2 years/40,000km extension package
    (for Key components of Engine / Powertrain)

    • Manufacturer Warranty Period : 5 years/100,000km
    • Extension Package : 2 years/40,000km package

3. Package options : 4 kinds of Package Available

Package options
  Chassis / General Warranty Extension (BA) Engine / Powertrain Warranty Extension (PT)
Package Options 2 years/40,000km plan 2 years/40,000km plan
3 years/60,000km plan 3 years/60,000km plan

※ Different Package for the same Warranty cannot be purchased.
ex : 2 years/40,000km and 3 years/60,000km plan for Chassis / General Warranty is not possible

4. Where to buy

Where to buy - When Purchasing a Vehicle, After Vehicle Purchase (within 1 year), Place of Sale, Payment Method, Application Method
  Place of Sale Payment Method Application Method
When Purchasing a Vehicle Hyundai Dealer Blue Point Through Carmaster
After Vehicle Purchase (within 1 year) Bluemembers Shopping mall Blue Point & Cash/Credit Card Within Bluemembers Shopping Mall

Customers that are applicable for purchase can search for the Warranty Extension Package.

5. Customers that are applicable for Extension Package

  • Individuals and individual businesses within 1 year of purchasing a vehicle
    (Bluemembers sign-up is mandatory)
  • Subject vehicle : Sedans, RVs and Grand Starex (excludes : Genesis brand, Porter, Nexo)
    ※ Taxi/Lease/Rental Vehicles cannot purchase the Extension Package
    ※ Electric vehicles cannot purchase the Engine / Powertrain Extension Package
    ※ Hybrid Main Components, Emission Control System etc. that has a special warranty cannot be used with the Warranty Extension Package

6. Where to use Warranty Extension Package

  • Hyundai Service Center’s and Bluehands (Some Bluehands have limited service)

7. Service Procedure

Purchase Package next
Vehicle Breakdown next
CS Center (1670-0187) next
Purchase Conformation & Guide to Service Center next
Register Vehicle at
Service Center
Repair Vehicle next
Pay Service Charge next
Vehicle Released