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Who we are?

  • Hyundai Motors Laos (Kolao) is a sales subsidiary and authorized distributor of Hyundai Motor Company for Hyundai passenger cars in Laos. The company's vision, "Together for a Better Future", is the foundation of our dedication to providing a range of products with technologies that help build solutions for a more sustainable future. HM Laos bases its idea of future mobility on what can be given to society, and that is to provide freedom of movement according to its basic needs and emotional values to create meaningful experiences.

    Our focus on humanity means we understand what people want in life, to maximize the time we have. With that in mind, HM Laos is expanding its role outside the automotive transportation sector and is committed to bringing the future of mobility to Laos and providing a better life for the community.

    To support its presence and growth, HM Laos is committed to provide the best service in terms of sales and after-sales supported by a network of authorized dealers scattered throughout the country and will continue to grow. HM Laos aspires to be a lifelong partner in automotive and beyond, to move one step closer to customers and become their favorite brand.

    Cars are no longer just a means of transportation that connects one person with another; Cars have become living spaces that occupy a central role in human life. Currently, we are developing environmentally friendly and human-oriented technologies for the future to provide the best experience for customers with cross-segment models, while we strive to enhance our role from just a car manufacturer to being a lifelong customer companion.

    Hyundai Motor Company
    Hyundai Motor Company's management philosophies focus on its customers, technologies, product quality and the society. One of the priorities is to raise awareness for the environment and the future. As part of the efforts to raise awareness, Hyundai Motor Company has formally declared to implement the Environmental Management Vision. The company under the scheme is constantly improving new environmentally- friendly technologies. These environmentally friendly management schemes aim to make Hyundai more sustainable in the mid to long-term future.