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    i40 SEDAN 2019

    i40 SEDAN is simple,
    rational and throughly modern


Take command of the road ahead.

There isn’t simply one thing that sets the i40 apart from other vehicles on the market. It’s a blend of comfort, technology and performance-related innovations that combine to create a unique driving experience. The bolder front grill with chrome treatment and sleeker exterior body heighten your confidence. Powertrain enhancements elevate fuel efficiency and overall performance to make driving a pure pleasure.

take command of the road ahead

Journey to the next level.

i40 is the perfect expression of your individuality and preference for finding your own road. The stylish 18" alloy wheels will turn heads as will the new bumper with its futuristic aero-curtain treatment and the LED rear lamps.

journey to the next level

A little can go a long way.

i40’s perfectly tuned engines and transmissions are designed to take you further than ever before between fill-ups. The 7-speed DCT automatic transmission and variable valve timing are just a few of the numerous technical innovations that help squeeze more energy out of every drop of fuel and put the power right where it should be, under your right foot.


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