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A white Hyundai IONIQ 6 standing on a road next to an airplane. The IONIQ 6 has a sleek aerodynamic silhouette and angular headlights.
IONIQ lineup

Introducing the IONIQ 6

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In July 2022, we unveiled the IONIQ 6 – our electrified streamliner. The latest addition to our dedicated electric IONIQ lineup has been designed to awaken your world. Read on to find out why this car is referred to as a ‘streamliner’, how we have reconfigured the space inside, and how we added the many special features that you can enjoy within the IONIQ 6.

IONIQ 6 connects an emotional convergence of functionality with aesthetics. The distinctive streamlined design is the result of close cooperation between engineers and designers, with obsessive attention to detail and customer-centric values at the core. We have created the IONIQ 6 as a mindful cocoon that offers a personalized place for all. – SANGYUP LEE, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AND HEAD OF HYUNDAI DESIGN CENTER

The electrified streamliner

We have defined the IONIQ 6 as an electrified streamliner. This is a whole new definition for a car, which has become part of our vocabulary to describe vehicles from the era of EV mobility.

For us, a streamliner is a vehicle with an aerodynamic, sleek design. Looking at the IONIQ 6 from the side, you can see its singular-curved aerodynamic profile and the sleek carefully crafted contours. The overall effect is a car that resembles a perfectly smooth stone that has been shaped by a river.

The aerodynamically sculpted silhouette with its simple yet sensuous curves is more than just a visible ‘design’. It extends into the car too.

A black Hyundai IONIQ 6 driving away from the camera along a highway at dusk.
The profile of a gray Hyundai IONIQ 6 driving along a street in the middle of a city. The car has a streamlined pebble shape and striking diamond alloy wheels.

What is different about the design of the IONIQ 6?

The aerodynamic design of the IONIQ 6 means that it can drive further and in a more efficient way. IONIQ 6 boasts Hyundai's lowest drag coefficient of 0.21cd. It greatly influences the general driving experience, including driving stability, efficiency, noise, and so on.

Let’s open the door of IONIQ 6. Here, you can see the cocoon-inspired interior which accommodates a mindful personal space on wheels. The shape of the interior means that it serves as both a comfortable hideaway and personal space, replete with practical features and sustainable materials to facilitate a mindful, eco-friendly mobility experience and lifestyle.

A woman wearing a bright blue blouse and chinos sitting in the front seat of the Hyundai IONIQ 6 with a coffee in her hand and a coffee pot sitting on the console in the middle of the car.
A woman wearing a white long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans sitting in the reclined front seat inside a Hyundai IONIQ 6. She is reading and resting her head on her hand.

The Dual Color Ambient Lighting fills the cozy interior space. Dual Color Ambient Lighting provides overall illumination for IONIQ 6 interior. You can choose 2 colors from a spectrum of 64 colors – so 4,096 color combinations can be created – or you can choose between the six dual-color themes developed by color experts to help both drivers and passengers feel both relaxed and comfortable. Inside the car, you can chill with the lights on or let the ambiance spark your creativity.

Are there any other ways to enjoy the moment in this aesthetic and emotional space?

The front dashboard and steering wheel inside the Hyundai IONIQ 6. The panel and steering wheel are dark gray, the screen next to the steering wheel is black and the storage compartments and main console are cream. The door panels  are lit up in bright pink and purple.

The Lifestyle Items: The Power Strip and the Smart Table

We heard from the senior manager Kim and manager Jung who are in charge of the IONIQ 6 Lifestyle items. They said that “the lifestyle items have drawn out big attention after their release in October 2022. Among them, we recommend the two items in special: the power strip and the smart table.”

Nowadays, we’re hardly ever satisfied with a single plug socket. At any one time, we could be using a mobile phone, laptop, Bluetooth earphones, hair dryer, or even a drink cooler! With our new power strip, you can use up to 5 mini-brown goods (under normal transfer capacity, which is 3.6kW). And, if you place the smart table in the cup holder slot, ta-da – you have a wireless charging table!

The power socket placed under the main console in the Hyundai IONIQ 6.
A close-up of the power socket placed under the main console in the Hyundai IONIQ 6. It is trimmed with white and there are two dark gray plug sockets and two USB outlets.

With the items mentioned above, working while charging your laptop and mobile at the same time won’t be a big deal. With IONIQ, we are committed to creating the space and the extra features you need to awaken your world and power your life wherever you are.

The power socket placed under the main console in the Hyundai IONIQ 6.

The IONIQ 6 swept the 2023 World Car Awards with ease, winning the title of “World Car of the Year”, “World Electric Vehicle” and “World Car Design of the Year”

Stay tuned for more stories about the IONIQ 6, one of our IONIQ lineups. Ready for more? Follow Hyundai on Instagram (@hyundai ) to see how we’re rethinking mobility for the next generation and beyond.


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