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  • image of a female Hyundai dealer sales consultant in a Hyundai showroom

Hyundai Driven to Serve You

Promo Mechanics

  • I. Eligible Customers

  • a. Customers with the following Hyundai models qualify for the Hyundai Driven to Serve You promo at any authorized Hyundai Vehicle Service Center.

  • Model Type Model Type (sold before 2018)
    Car I10
    ACCENT RB (Gas & Diesel)
    SANTA FE (CM & DM)
    LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) H-100
  • II. How to Avail

  • a. Customers may book an appointment here or walk-in any authorized Hyundai Vehicle Service Center.

  • b. Customers should provide a copy of their vehicle service passport or OR/CR.

  • III. Services/Offers

  • Customers availing of Change Oil during the promo period are entitled to the following:

  • Services
    FREE Labor, Oil Filter, Drain Plug Washer
    23-Point Check-up with GDS Scan
    Car Wash

  • Only Hyundai Genuine Parts purchased from the servicing dealers will be used for the promo.

  • Customers who avail of the promo will be asked to sign a monitoring form.

  • This promo may be used in conjunction with other on-going dealer promos.

  • HMPH has the right to change/modify the promo mechanics.

  • HMPH's decision on the qualification or disqualification of customers shall be deemed final.

  • Promo period from February 15, 2023 - April 15, 2024.

  • PROMO EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 31, 2024 as approved by DTI FTEB.

  • Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-185697 Series of 2024.