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CES 2022: Hyundai unveils vision of new Metamobility concept, ‘Expanding Human Reach’ through Robotics & Metaverse

Inspired by our vision, "Progress for Humanity", we dream of a future in which robots help humanity.
At CES 2022, we unveiled our plans for our next generation robotics, which will move us beyond limitations,
move things beyond our imagination and expand the role of mobility to virtual space, so-called Metamobility.
Read on to find out more.

Hyundai at the CES 2022

CES 2022, which takes place in Las Vegas from the 5th-7th January 2022,
is the first offline CES event to be held post-pandemic.
We used the opportunity to share our hopeful message
about connecting people and making progress for humanity.
We explored the world of robotics and showed how our robotics will
fundamentally change the way we live, work, and move in the future.


Moving Things Beyond Imagination

Hyundai’s robotics vision goes beyond expanding our capabilities. Vice President and Head of the Robotics Lab at Hyundai, Dong Jin Hyun, introduces the latest innovation—a universal tool that will move the world in a completely new direction.

Plug & Drive Module (PnD) is an all-in-one solution with intelligent steering, braking, in-wheel electric drive, and suspension hardware—all in a single-wheel unit. With infinite wheel rotation, the module is extremely flexible and can move interactively within surrounding environments with LiDAR and camera sensors—it’s not only a reinvention of a wheel but also a reinvention of the way we might use wheels in the future.


“In the world to come, you won’t move your things. Things will move around you” Mr. Hyun said. The core idea behind this invention is to make traditionally inanimate objects mobile. Imagine thousands of different things, from small objects to large facilities are powered by the PnD module and Platform, serving personal and social needs. For example, we can change the set of layout requirements, from desks to office partitions, to fully utilize office space on demand. This will allow us not only be able to configure the space but also be able to connect the spaces — expanding our reach to more places, covering isolated and secluded nooks and corners to better serve humanity.

Pnd Module

As a mobility company, Hyundai’s ultimate goal is to create unlimited Mobility of Things (MoT) Ecosystem*. It’s a complete disruption of the status quo, challenging the limits to build new conventions.

*MoT (Mobility of Things) Ecosystem: A future mobility ecosystem based on robotics technology which traditionally inanimate objects become mobile, providing seamless mobility-on-demand as mobile connectors in urban areas.

Proxy Experience

In a virtual world, we are not physically there. We can’t just go into the Metaverse and start moving things around. But friends like SPOT will help us to enrich our experience in the metaverse. “A whole host of proxy robots will be ready and waiting outside the Metaverse,” said President Song. He continued, “they are physical ambassadors, designed to respond to our eye and body movements.” This will help us to expand our reach to new realities with “be-there” proxy experiences.

Proxy Experience