• The all-new KONA

    The all-new KONA

Two smiling women are walking behind the left front view of a parked The all-new KONA Electric in a dimly lit alleyway.

ExteriorThe Bold

Distinctive Volume and Character

Sleeker. Edgier. Bigger.

Longer. Wider. Higher. KONA stays true to its SUV nature with its roomy proportions. Meanwhile, the sharp connecting chrome line traces a contour that connects the beltline to the spoiler for an edgier look.

A right side view of a blue The all-new KONA Electric standing on a white studio background.

Pixelated, EV-derived, Futuristic Design

Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp Spoiler Integrated HMSL

The pixelated seamless horizon lamp(DRL) beams across the front and back to create a unique, futuristic look. Meanwhile, the high-mounted stop lamp(HMSL) seamlessly blends in with the spoiler's satin chrome molding - adding to the KONA's distinctive character.

Seamless horizon lamp on the left side of The all-new KONA Electric

Integrated HMSL of The all-new KONA Electric

Rearlamp of The all-new KONA Electric

Create your KONA Electric

360° VR

Click and turn the vehicle image to the left or right.

    Choose Your Vehicle Colors

    Choose Your Wheel

    A woman is sitting in the passenger seat of The all-new KONA with the right front door open. The woman is holding a to-go drink in her right hand, and carrying her drink into a cup holder in her vehicle with her left hand.

    Centric Space

    See the Bigger Picture

    Panoramic Display

    The Panoramic Display - 12.3-inch integrated dual screen display offers easy access to the essentials, while the floating horizontal layout gives the car interior a sleek, spacious touch.

    A view of the driver's seat from the passenger seat. Vehicle information and music information are displayed on the 12.3-inch integrated dual screen.

    Give Yourself Space

    Slim Design Seat

    Slimmer seats to make room for a larger cabin space.

    Store Your
    Lifestyles in

    Maximized Cargo Space

    Optimize the in-car storages according to your needs.
    The deep and extensive open console structure offers ample room for loading long objects, the rotational cup holders pop up when needed, and the larger cargo space adds extra room for your luggage.

    Larger Cabin Space Front and Back

    Optimized Spaciality

    Enjoy the roomy space enhanced with more width and height.

    A woman sitting in the back of a The all-new KONA is looking at a smartphone screen with a woman outside the car through an open window.

    Nothing Getting In Your Way

    Flat Floor, Larger Interior Space

    Removed central tunnel to give you more legroom.

    Looking at the rear of the vehicle through the right window of the vehicle.

    360° VR

    Click and turn : rotate        Wheel scroll : Zoom in/out
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      Choose Your Vehicle Colors

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