Warranty Information

Hyundai will be responsible for the Vehicle and Components
During the Warranty period as promised

General Warranty - SUV

General Warranty - SUV
Vehicle Warranty Period note
Chassis / Basic Parts Engine / Powertrain Parts
Palisade Vehicles Released
after Jan. 1, 2018
Optional warranty period applicable

2 years/80,000km
3 years/60,000km
4 years/40,000km

(Can be changed anytime during the warranty period after the vehicle has left the warehouse)
5 years / 100,000km

Special Warranty for Green-Vehicle Components

Special Warranty for Green-Vehicle Components
  Vehicle Warranty
Tucson HEV 10 years /
Kona HEV 10 years /
EV Component
Kona electric 10 years /
Ioniq 5 10 years /
Nexo 10 years/

See below for details

Santa Fe  
(Hybrid Included)
2013 MY onwards
(Hybrid Included)
Kona electric Lifetime warranty for
High-voltage battery
(Original Owner only)
10 years / 200,000km
after first owner
Kona electric
(Vehicles Released Jan. 6, 2020)
Special warranty for
High-voltage battery
10 years / 200,000km
Ioniq 5 Special warranty for
High-voltage battery
10 years / 200,000km
Veracruz 3 years / 60,000km 5 years / 100,000km  
  • Application of Warranty : Coverage begins on the date of original retail sales and ends when the vehicle fulfill the term or mileage of the warranty, whichever occurs first.
  • Vehicles delivered after Jan 1, 2018 are eligible for “Optional Warranty Service”.
  • More information on optional warranty periods is available at service centers, through our customer center (080-600-6000), on the Hyundai Motor Company website, or through the My Car Story app. The warranty can be changed to any of the options above during the respective warranty period (excludes Genesis brand, Porter, Staria, Grand Starex, and Commercial vehicles)
  • Warranty period for Cooling/Heating System components : Same as for Chassis and General Components (regardless of distance traveled if under 1 year)
  • Hybrid Components : High-voltage battery, drive motor, inverter, DC converter, HPCU(Hybrid Power Control module)
  • Electric Vehicle(EV) Parts : high-voltage battery, drive motor, gear differential unit, inverter, OBC, VCU, LDC
  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle(FCEV) Parts : Fuel cell, drive motor, gear differential unit, inverter, FCU, high-voltage battery, IDC, fuel pressure regulator, fuel tank valve
  • Original Owner for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles : The Original Owner refers to a first retail purchaser of the vehicle who took the ownership of the vehicle on the day of its original registration.
  • For TUIX parts, the optional warranty period for the chassis/general components/cooling and heating system parts is not applied
  • For additional details on warranty period, refer to the separate manufacturer warranty
    (Varied by vehicle type and item)

Key components of Engine / Powertrain

Key components of Engine / Powertrain
  Key Components of Engine / Powertrain Related Components
  • Cylinder Head and inner components
  • Cylinder Block and inner components
  • Valve device and component parts
  • Oil pump, Water pump, Thermostat and Gasket
  • Intake / Exhaust Manifold
  • Flywheel
  • Engine Timing Tensioner
  • Engine Oil Cooler and various Oil Controlling Valve
  • Various Engine Gasket and Seals
  • All Engine Electrical components
    (Generator, Alternator, various Motor, Preheating system, various Resistor, Cable, Wiring, Sensor, Relay, Switches)
  • Cooling system (Radiator)
  • Etc. (Exhaust pipe, Muffler)
  • All LPG related components
    (Emissions Control related components are regulated separately)
  • Engine Mount
  • Timing Belt
  • Surge Tank
Propulsion Shaft
  • Manual Transmission
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Propulsion Shaft and related components
  • Constant Velocity Joint (Rubber Boot excluded)
  • Drive Plate
  • Transmission inner Gasket and Seals
  • Clutch and Transmission control device
  • Transmission Oil Cooler
  • Transmission installation Bracket and Mounting
  • Input / Output Sensor
  • Inhibitor Switch
  • Driven Gear
  • Differential Gear and Axle Housing
  • Axle Shaft
  • Axle inner Gasket and Seals
  • Suspension, Brake, Steering Components
    (Including Wheel Hub, Knuckle, King Pin, Ball Joint etc. that is related to the Front / Rear Axle)
  • Hub Bearing

Related components to the ‘Key Components of Engine / Powertrain’ has the same warranty as ‘Chassis / General Components’