IONIQ hybrid Key Visual

IONIQ Hybrid

The beginning of new mobility

  • IONIQ Hybrid N KRW 24,680,000 (after tax benefits)
  • IONIQ Hybrid N Max output 105 Ps / 5,700 Rpm
  • IONIQ Hybrid N Max torque 15.0 Kgm / 4,000 Rpm

22.4 km/ ℓ
(combined fuel efficiency, based on 15” tire)

IONIQ’s sleek exterior, coupled with an active air flap system, wheel air curtains, and other aerodynamic features, results in high fuel efficiency.

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Aerodynamic design

The sleek design of the IONIQ, which minimizes disruptive airflow, combines refined finesse with high fuel efficiency.

Lightweight & high-rigidity chassis
Lightweight & high-rigidity chassis The lightweight aluminum material combined with ultra-high-strength steel sheets makes the IONIQ’s chassis light but strong and ensures a refreshing drive.
  • Driver only climate control
    Driver only climate control This allows control over the HVAC system for the driver’s seat only, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption and enhancing fuel efficiency.
  • Active air flap (external type)
    Active air flap (external type) Through intelligent control of the air that flows into the radiator grille, the
    active air flap minimizes drag, while enhancing aerodynamics and fuel
ECO-DAS (Driving Assistant System)
  • Once the navigation system loaded with high-precision map data predicts a traffic slowdown, ECO-DAS informs the driver when to release the accelerator, thereby helping reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.
  • Moreover, by predicting uphill and downhill slopes and by pre-charging or pre-discharging the battery accordingly, ECO-DAS maximizes battery use.
Warranted repair
Chassis and general parts Dedicated hybrid parts Lifetime battery warranty
Released after Jan. 1, 2018
Optional warranty period: 2 years/80,000km, 3 years/60,000km, or 4 years/40,000km
(can be changed anytime during the warranty period after the product has left the warehouse)
10 years/200,000km Individual first-time buyers only
(corporate customers, individual business owners, and leased vehicles excluded)
  • Application of Warranty Period: Warranty period begins from sale date of new car and expires when the specified period or mileage, whichever comes first, is reached.
  • Optional warranty service is applied to vehicles that leave the warehouse from January 1, 2018.
  • More information on optional warranty periods is available at service centers, through our customer center (080-600-6000), on the Hyundai Motor Company website, or through the My Car Story app. The warranty can be changed to any of the options above during the respective warranty period. (Excludes Genesis brand, Porter, Starex, taxis and commercial vehicles)
  • Warranty Period for Cooling/Heating System Parts: Same as for chassis and general parts (regardless of mileage if under 1 year)
  • Hybrid Parts: High-voltage battery, drive motor, inverter, DC converter, HPCU (hybrid power control module)
  • First Customer for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles: This refers to a new customer who has purchased and owns the car at the time it is registered for the first time (individuals only, self-employed/corporations and lease/rental vehicle customers excluded).
  • The warranty period for CNG high-pressure containers in commercial vehicles applies for a period of 3 years regardless of mileage.
  • For H Genuine Accessories, the optional warranty period for the chassis/general parts/cooling and heating system parts is not applied.
  • For additional details on warranty period, refer to separate manufacturer warranty (varies by vehicle type and item).