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Creta Performance | SUV - Hyundai GT

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Flex that muscle.

Mostly you go with the flow, but sometimes you have to make a move and assert yourself. CRETA GRAND’s advanced powertrains deliver all the power you need for effortless acceleration and passing on the highway. The G2.0 gasoline engine is made of weight-saving aluminum and comes with Multi-Point Fuel Injection, Dual Overhead Camshafts and Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing to maximize fuel economy and horsepower. The U2 diesel is fitted with the latest Variable Geometry Turbocharger to force extra air into the combustion chamber for higher torque output. Plus, CRETA GRAND offers you a choice of 6-speed transmissions to suit your driving style.

Smartstream G1.5 gasoline

Traction Control Mode

By regulating slip control for the right/left wheels while adjusting engine torque and gear shift patterns, the Traction Control Mode automatically fine tunes CRETA GRAND’s front wheel drive system to adapt to difficult driving conditions. Optional.