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  • The new SONATA hybrid Keyvisual

    The new SONATA Hybrid

    • From SAR 103,385


Maximize Your Driving Potential with Enhanced Hybrid Efficiency

The new SONATA Hybrid

HEV 2.0 GDi

Max. Power


Max. Torque


Smooth Ride Every Time

e - Ride Gen2 (Electrically controlled Ride Comfort Gen2)

When the ride gets bumpy, e-Ride smooths things out.
Sensors detect movement in real-time and adjust the pitch angle and rate to improve ride comfort.

The new sonata hybrid e - Ride Gen2

Master Every Corner

e - Handling (Electrically Assisted Handling Performance)

e-Handling improves driving control of the vehicle during
cornering, enhancing tires’ reaction speed.

The new sonata hybrid e - Handling

Maximized Grip, Ultimate Control

e - Traction (Electrically Assisted Tracking Performance)

e-Traction ensures greater tire grip during acceleration and cornering, creating a fun-to-drive experience without loss of control.

The new sonata hybrid e - Traction

Get a Grip on Safety

e - EHA (Electrically Evasive Handling Assist)

e-EHA enhances vehicle stability and reduces collision risks by applying sideways pressure to the tires.

The new sonata hybrid e - EHA

Smarter and More Dynamic

e-DTVC (Electric Dynamic Torque Vectoring Control)

e-DTVC regulates vehicle movement for the ideal turn. The hybrid system executes torque vectoring, which controls the distribution of power to each wheel.

The new sonata hybrid e-DTVC

Hybrid Exclusive Content

Along with essential driving information such as vehicle status, fuel efficiency, and energy flow,
Hybrid vehicles provide exclusive content for the driver. In-depth analysis of driving patterns,
personalized driving tips, and real-time traffic updates are provided.

The new sonata hybrid exclusive content

* Updates may cause changes in images of the infotainment system