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    STARIA Premium

    • From SAR 120,635


Design in a new direction.

STARIA Premium stirs up the winds of change to open a new chapter in MPV driving.
Inspired by the concept of a luxurious modern lounge, the futuristic styling commands instant attention.
Radiating simplicity and high-tech elegance, the futuristic silhouette provides clues to STARIA’s cutting-edge
technologies that make driving safer, more comfortable, and more convenient than ever before.

staria design in a new direction

64-color ambient mood lamp

Whether you prefer an ambiance that is soft and gentle or lively and exciting,
or somewhere in between, the shades of the mood lamp are user-customizable
to suit personal preferences.

staria 64 color ambient

Premium 7-seater

7 Seater accordion

Premium 7-seater

The Premium relaxation seats are designed to relieve the pressure points of a conventional seat, so you feel as if you’re seated in your favorite recliner in your living room.

Premium 7 seater

Premium relaxation seat

At the touch of a button, the Premium relaxation seat features redistributes your bodyweight to make you feel like you’re floating in the air and it cares for you in all weather conditions with its 3-stage heating and ventilation functions. The 2-way backrest, 2-way seat cushion and 4-way legrest are individually adjustable to suit personal preferences.

Premium 9-seater

Premium 9-seater

Premium 9-seater

With the Premium 9-seater, you will look forward to the fun of the next road trip.
The perfect choice for large families comes with swiveling independent seats, a long sliding adjustment function, and loads of other comforts and convenience features that magically shrink long distances and make time fly by.

premium 9 seater

Swiveling independent seat

STARIA Premium’s flexible seating multiplies the fun factor, especially when traveling with children on long-distance trips. The 2nd-row swiveling independent seat rotates 180º degrees to allow face-to-face conversation among rear seat passengers and 90º to promote easier entry and egress.