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Hyundai warrants your Hyundai vehicle with reasonable and valuable condition

A written promise from Hyundai to repair or replace a component of vehicle that develops a fault within a fixed period of time.

New Vehicle Warranty

Any component, except the items specified hereafter, of your New Hyundai vehicle is covered for 60 months from the date of original retail delivery of date of first use, or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.

Basic Coverage

60 months/100,000 km (Exclude normal wear and maintenance items and specific

Power Train Coverage

60 months/100,000 km (Engine, Transmission/Transaxle)


24 months/40,000 km (Original equipement, charge/replacement)

Air Conditioner Regrigerant Charge

12 months


60 months/100,000 km (Paint defects or corrosion other than perforation,
such as cosmetic or surface corronsion due to defects in paint material or workmanship)


60 months/100,000 km
(Anti-Perforation, Emission or any other exceptional parts could be added)

Hyundai Certified Used (Certified Pre-Owned) Vehicle Warranty

1 year/20,000 miles Power Train Warranty.

Replacement Parts and Accessories Warranty

Genuine Hyundai Parts or Accessories supplied by Hyundai and purchased from an authorized Hyundai Dealer, but not installed by an authorized Hyundai Dealer, are covered for 12 months / Unlimited miles.

Accessories installed on a vehicle at the time of or prior to the vehicles's date of first use are covered under the 5 years/60,000 miles New Vehicle Warranty. Accessories installed after the vehicle's date of first use are covered for 12 months/12,000 miles.


The Dealer :              First Motors W.L.L
Extended Warranty Provider:    First Motors W.L.L
Starting time of this program :      After the expiry of Manufacturer Warranty
Geographical Limits :          Within Kingdom of Bahrain
Customer Benefits :          1) Reduced cost of ownership
                   2) High resale value

Warranty Coverage:

First Motors will cover the cost of parts and labour for the specifically mentioned spare parts which will fail due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown. By mechanical failure, we mean the inability of a specifically mentioned spare part to function in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications other than normal wear and tear or normal deterioration. The warranty does not cover any failures arising due to accidents, loss or damage to personal property, failures arising due to normal wear and tear.

Terms and conditions

• All vehicles sold under this scheme, The Vehicle must be regularly serviced at the correct time(S) and kilometer intervals as recommended by First Motors. Failure to service the car even for a single time will nullify the warranty. A grace period of 1000 kms or 30 days is provided between the service intervals to ensure services are completed at the regular intervals.
• The vehicle must be serviced/repaired at First Motors workshop only. Any services/repairs carried outside will nullify the warranty.
• Accident repairs must be carried out at the First Motors workshop. Any accident repairs to be carried out, outside should be after receiving prior approval from First Motors Management. In such case the owner should ensure the usage of Hyundai Genuine spare parts. Once the job is completed the customer should bring the car back to first motors for final inspection.
• Life time warranty is transferable to the multiple owners provided the warranty is valid at the time of resale.
• Any exception for the above Terms and Conditions shall be pre-approved by First Motors W.L.L Management.


• Engine: Cylinder head and gasket, cylinder liners and block, crankshaft and bearings, connecting rods and bearings, piston and rings, timing gears and cam shaft belt, valves and guides, valve springs, seals, crankshaft pulley, inlet manifold, oil pump, turbo charger, water pump, throttle body.
• Transmission (MT, AT): Gears, torque converter, valve body, oil pump, brake bands, friction and steel plates, modulator valves, solenoid and switches, synchromesh selectors, AT clutch disc.
• Transfer Case: Gears, shaft, bearings, clutch, solenoid valves.
• Propeller shaft: Shaft, hub and yoke, universal joints and bearings.
• Differential & Drive Train: Crown wheel and pinion, gears, shafts, external drive shafts, bushes and bearings
• Brake system: Master cylinder, servo cylinder, break booster, wheel cylinders, ABS unit, control modules and sensors, wheel sensors, calipers, parking brake mechanism, wiring harness.
• Steering system: Rack and pinion, power steering gear box and pump, steering column, tilt mechanism, Motor-Driven Power Steering.
• Cooling system: Radiator, water pump. fan. thermostat valve, oil coolers, hydraulic fan pump and motor.
• Fuel system: Fuel pump, fuel tank unit, canister, fuel sender unit.
• Electrical systems: Starter motor, alternator, electronic throttle control body, all control module and radar, sensors, wiring harness, ignition switch, electric mirrors, door and boot locks, window regulators, sun roof motor, seat motor and mechanism, horn unit, central door locking, heating fan motor, instruments cluster, clock spring, tire pressure monitoring system sensor, wiper motors, power door cinch motor.
• Air conditioning: Compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, thermostat, blower motor, ac control unit, blower resistance, blender actuator.
• Suspension: Springs, control arms, upper and lower suspension arms, knuckle and wheel hub. shock absorbers.
• Body: Seat belts and pretensioner, air bags, bonnet release mechanism, ignition cylinder, door locks, boot release mechanism, wiper arms and links.


All repairs and replacement of the parts arising due to mechanical and electrical failures are covered by warranty excluding the following exceptions:

Maintenance Service

1. Normal service/maintenance as described in the owner's manual.
2. Wheel alignment, wheel balancing and tire rotation.
3. Brake and clutch inspection and any adjustments.
4. Skimming or polishing of brake rotors/drums.
5. Drive belt inspection.
6. Fuel system, air intake system, cooling system cleaning.
7. Engine tune up.
8. Carbon deposit/sludge removal.
9. Any other maintenance service normally associated with the vehicle use.
10. Navigation system update.

Maintenance Parts

The warranty will not cover maintenance/expendable parts which are normally recommended to replace during routine maintenance services or related to vehicle use. The following parts are not covered under warranty at any given point of time. Bulbs, Fuses, Sparkplugs, Drive belts. Timing belt. Air cleaner elements. Fuel filter, oil filter. Injectors, brake linings, brake pads, brake disc or drum, clutch disc, A/C gas, Lubricants, battery acid, battery, additives, grease.

Wear and Tear Parts

The wear and tear parts such as ball joints, tie rod ends, drive shaft, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, exhaust system, fan and blower motors, power tail gate, lifters are limited to a maximum of 120,000 kms or 6 years. suspension bushes, Oil seals, oil leaks, tire, batteries, rubber parts, weather strips, interior/exterior trim, chrome plated parts, cosmetic finishes, sun roofs, navigation system, in car entertainment/communication systems are not covered under this warranty.

Misuse and Abuse

The warranty will not cover any failures arising due to misuse or abuse and handling against the instructions of the owner's manual.

Modifications, Tampering

Any kind of alterations, modifications or tampering carried out on any part of the car will void the validity of the policy.

Incidental Costs

The warranty does not include any incidental expenses arising due to the vehicle being in workshop for repairs/services such as alternative transport costs, rental or loaner expense, travel or business loss. This warranty will also not cover any expenses in connection with recall, repeat jobs.


Engine: Spark plugs, HT cables belts, ignition coils, hoses, breathers, filters and damages due to corrosion/frost, all mountings, tensioners, idler pully.
AT Transmission: Gear shifting cables, adjustments, burnt out clutches, pipes and hoses.
MT Transmission: clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing and fork.
Transfer case: Gear shifting cables, adjustments, burnt out clutches, pipes and hoses.
Propeller shaft: burnt or worn out bearings.
Differential/drive train: rubber boots, clips.
Brakes: hoses, clips springs.
Steering system: V Belts, hoses and clips.
Cooling systems: V Belts, hoses and clips, fittings.
Fuel system: Fuel lines, gaskets, cables, injectors, hoses and clips, O rings.
Electrical System: Wiper blades, camera module, bulbs, rear/ door curtain, head and tail lights, fog lamps, rear combination lamp, license plat lamp, room lamps, mirrors and door handle lamps.
A/C system: drive belts, hoses, clips, a/c refrigerant, and routine charging.
Body and Paint: is not covered under this warranty.