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    Power, refinement and quality

Exceptionally dynamic

Its limit-optimized capabilities deliver driving as powerful as smooth for a dynamic experience without equal.





  • illustrative car with blue circular arrow and a word '5.6m'

    Maneuvers made easy

    Conveniently turn the large H-1 around anywhere. Despite having a length of more than 5 meters, the H-1's turning radius is only 5.6 meters wide. So, tight turns are no problem for this large, versatile and capable van.

  • Silver buttons of H-1's auto cruise control

    Auto cruise control

    Auto cruise control lets you set and maintain your desired speed. It’s perfect for long road trips, because it prevents you from accidentally passing the speed limit. At the same time, you can let your feet relax while saving fuel.

    only available in select regions
    only available with A-2.5 / automatic transmission.

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