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    The new

An impressive performance.

From the moment you step on the accelerator to unleash Kona’s full potential, you will be smiling at the surge of quiet, clean power. Kona’s power plants are third generation which means they benefit from the very latest technologies that improve their efficiency, reliability and, most importantly, your driving enjoyment. You have three engines to choose from and pure driving pleasure has been engineered into each one.






Bring your sense of adventure.

Kona’s advanced control systems give you the confidence to drive down less travelled roads or in poor weather conditions. The large jog wheel on the center console provides access to Kona’s advanced electronic control systems : This jog wheel may look simple but it offers powerful features: With a quick turn and a click, Kona keeps you going, exploring and discovering.

kona performance

Drive Mode

The Drive Mode selector offers a choice of three different settings to suit your personal preferences. Drive Mode automatically modifies the gear shift schedule to transform Kona’s personality into frugal, fast or just plain normal.

Traction Control Mode

When driving conditions become difficult, TCM steps in to ensure optimal traction. Available on both 2WD and 4WD, TCM automatically selects the right gear and regulates engine torque delivery to each individual wheel so that wheel slip is minimized.

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